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Aug 2, 2012

Life: Chapter IV

Specifically, Chapter IVF – MESA – ICSI …and for those not in the medical field, that means Kristina and I are trying to have a baby, but there have been complications which are preventing this from happening the traditional way.
Surprise! I’m sure many of you need to pick your jaw up from the floor. This decision was made a long time ago but we did not go public because we knew there were hurdles to overcome.
The long and short of it is I had a vasectomy six years ago. This April, I had a microsurgery to reverse that. However, now 15 weeks post-surgery, we have no swimmers in the pool, so to speak.
So, as luck would have it, all the timing hit perfectly between a canceled appointment we got to take the spot of and mother nature’s timing as well – and thus, today we have started our seven-week schedule to fertilization.
Kristina and I have talked about this and have agreed to go public with this information because we know there are many people who love and care for us. We are asking for prayers, and decided the more prayers the better. It’s going to be a scary ride, but one we look forward to take.
It is further likely that we will journal this experience. We haven’t decided how public that journal will be, but if becomes so, we will let everyone know.
Thank you in advance for your prayers, positive spirit and loving support as we go through this exhilarating and intimidating time.


  1. Awesome news!!!!! Happy for both!!! I will be in prayer for for sure!

  2. Happy for you guys! Looking forward to holding your bundle of joy. I will put the two of you on my prayer list. I know it will be hard, but sit back, take a deep breath and turn it over to God. Don't worry about it. BTW...I know a GREAT board game that can refresh your memory of taking care of newborn. ;)