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Sep 18, 2010

Total Care Part 2

This is a reminder to all who live within Oklahoma City that the deadline to opt-out for next year's tax for on ambulance service is now. September is the only month that residents are allowed to opt out. I'm curious how this works if you move in and establish new service during a month other than September. But that's a question for another time.
For my full rant and explanation of why I suggest 98% of all residents should opt-out, see my original post: EMSA Total Care.
Here are the steps to opt-out:
1) Go to the City's web page for TotalCare, which is
2) On that page, it gives a link to follow or says you can call 405-297-2833. However, I'm not sure what kind of hoops one would have to jump through to opt-out. I'd like to think it would be easier, but my guess is it's not. So, I'll click the link (and the rest of the instructions are for opting out from the internet).
3) Of course, you must have an online account already set-up. If not you must do so from here. To validate a new account you will have to have a copy of your latest bill.
4) Login to your account.
5) Select "I want to opt out of the medical service program" and click "Continue With Update" - however, I'm taking a screenshot of this page, just in case.
6) It then takes you to a page, where you must actually tell you that you meant to opt-out. Select "I want to opt out of the EMSA program" and not the changed-my-mind option. Then click "Submit Changes" - oh, a screenshot here too would be wise.
7) Finally, you get the confirmation page, of which I took a screenshot too. It is interesting because I'm not sure it is a real confirmation considering the veriage of the page: "Your request has been submitted successfully. If you have any questions please call Utilities Customer Services at (405)297-2833." - So, I requested to opt-out, but the way this is phrased, it implies that it might be denied and that no final decision has been made nor confirmation given. Great!
As I have said before, the collusion of the City government with a private business entity to extract money from the residents in a psuedo-taxlike way is corrupt and wrong. But at least this month you can do something to save yourself from it. And the steps above should work. If I get charged next month, you know I'll tell the tale.
Good luck and tell everyone you know. It's $43 per year for something you likely will never use or even qualify for. That may not sound like much, but if everyone pays, that equates to nearly ten million dollars fleeced from the citizenry with no public audit or accountability for how it's used.