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Mar 9, 2011

March Madness and Hydro Hysteria

It is that time of year again. The NCAA basketball tournament where three weekends from Thursday to Sunday are filled with nothing but roundball in an elimination contest to determine who is the best team in the land.
Most who know me are aware that I harmonize this event with World Water Day which is March 22, every year. Shortage of fresh water is a serious crisis around the world. We take this for granted here in the United States. While there are numerous charitable causes to support, this one has touched my heart and I make an effort to aid in seeking solutions to this serious issue.
In that attempt, every year I submit “The Knight’s Challenge” which is a NCAA March Madness bracket contest. For a $5 entry per bracket, anyone can submit their picks. Three entries are permitted per username. If more entries are desired, additional email addresses have to be submitted. (This is the host site’s rule, not mine). Half the money gathered will go to the Rwanda Clean Water Project and the other half is considered administrative fees and will be distributed to the best score on the bracket.
It has not been a large sum in the past – around $50 to the winner. So this year I am upping the challenge with a matching offer. Whatever the raised portion to be given to the charity is – I will match this amount, up to $250. So, with my own entry fee counting, that means 100% charitable giving plus $250 to the winner, if there are 50 entries! That’s worth a look, eh?
I will send direct invites or you can sign up here: (If you have any questions, contact me directly).
Thanks in advance for joining in a great effort for the larger world. And here’s to an exciting upcoming tourney!