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Jul 26, 2012

My Loan Statement

I know not everyone shares my view of the universe – and that’s okay. However, today, I will be speaking my own opinion and sharing some very personal beliefs. If you disagree those beliefs – that is fine, but I ask that no comments be rooted in the notion of arguing the premise of my creed. I further hope that those who do read my blog share enough common thread on "religion" that this latest revelation will strike a universal chord for most. That is my disclaimer, and now on to my post:
As a dad of many daughters, I must realize and declare that each one is a special gift from God. But perhaps more importantly, that these gifts are not transference of ownership but rather these girls are merely on loan and have been entrusted in my care.

Jul 9, 2012

A Prayer For Dads

Lord, so often I quit before the job is done, when it stops being fun. It is much easier for me to start something than to see it to its finish. I justify the progress I have made is simply "good enough."
As you know, God, my lazy approach even applies to the project of "building" my daughter into a well-balanced woman. Far too often, I find myself very impatient with her. Sometimes I feel like a failure, and I just want to quit.
But I confess these dark and innermost feelings so that I may ask for Your help to persevere. Please help me a loving, gracious, enduring and patient dad.

A paraphrasing from Robert Wolgemuth's book, She Calls Me Daddy