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Aug 29, 2012

Hidden Blessings

When Kristina and I eloped to Mount Rainier, we had several mishaps, beginning with nearly falling of the mountain. Those details can be found in a previous post. But this started a phrase, “The Unexpected Blessing,” where we look for the blessing in troubled times. In truth, we used the phrase prior to this, but the events caused us to adopt it as a family philosophy.
I say this to segue to the story of when my home was burgled just before Christmas in 2008. I was angry, hurt and well, misanthropic (a word playfully used to describe me a lot). Anyway, what I did to work through this frustration was to volunteer at a shelter, where there were others suffering far worse than my petty theft problem. By reaching out and helping others, I received an unexpected blessing and an ability to forgive the unknown perpetrators. My spirit was lifted, and a wonderful Christmas was still had.
Point 3 of my presentation: I have an opportunity if your spirits are in need of lifting. I have a friend who is in need. The need is greater than I can give to solve it. So I am asking for help from my many generous friends, family and readers. The link below contains the details of Amy’s need. Also from there, a donation can be made. Website (opens in a new window)
I have personally known Amy for many years. She has been a good friend and has dispensed some very fine advice in my troubled times. Amy is a strong person with a frail body due to her chronic illness. Despite that challenge, she volunteers at church, at charities and fundraisers for others whenever her strength will allow. She has a giving-spirit. So, my wife and I have been moved to do what we can to help her be treated as she treats others.
But as I said, temporary living expenses and mold infestation are too great of problems for me to solve on my own. I am reaching out to those who are able to spare just a little in hopes of assisting her other friends to raise enough money to give Amy a secure place to live again.
Please consider this seriously. Ask yourself how much you spend on Starbucks during the week or beer on the weekend or even what a routine lunch at McDonald’s costs. If that is all you can afford, know that it will help. Also know that you can help her find the unexpected blessing with your gift – and likely you too will receive one in kind.
Thank you in advance.


  1. You are such a great friend to put the word out there like that. Loved the "Ask yourself how much you spend on Starbucks during the week or beer on the weekend or even what a routine lunch at McDonald’s costs." I'm starting a campaign like that at church for filling the local food pantry one item a week for the cost of a McDonald's Extra Value meal or whatever. A little goes a long way to help people.

    1. Yes!! To all of that!! :) If we all help each other even a little bit, it adds up and become something huge and we see miracles happen!

  2. If you like the idea of hidden blessings you should check out The Tobolowsky Files podcast.

    1. Is he the guy who gets punched in the face in the movie, Groundhog's Day?

  3. Thank you so much, i am so glad i didn't miss this!! And yes it really does help us when we help others. And i am getting to see a lot of good in people, which cannot help but be encouraging!

    I am at the moldy house - i was supposed to go stay in an Extended Stay hotel but a new crisis happened yesterday and i feel like i need to be here to take care of my Dad as much as i can. We are 8 months out from his heart attack, but he is still pretty frail. And zero cooking skills! So please pray for my lungs and for my dad - he is hurting so much right now.

  4. Did I say thank you and forget? Or did it just not go through yet? If i forgot, thank you thank you thank you. The last 3 or 4 days have been worse for my parents and it's hard for that to not affect me. I am their house right now trying to take care of my Dad, which is hard for me with the mold allergy, but he's my DAD!! And he's weak and otherwise alone. So we are hanging in and i know there are so many blessings! Hopefully the rest of my fam does or will too. You and Kristina and your amazing parents and friends have been so kind to us too - i am so grateful.

    I had a friend say i should have a Lemonade stand :) After reading this blog again, i think she was actually close - a COFFEE stand! That's what we need! :)