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Aug 22, 2012

How You Doing?

At the beginning of the year, I recreated my FaceBook profile and destroyed the old one. This post is not about why I did that but rather the connections I lost when doing so. Today, I worked through some old lists, my phone contacts, etc, to reconnect with many people who slipped through the cracks of my profile upgrade. 
When doing this, I have been invariably asked how things were going. It was interesting to take inventory of what has been happening to me over the past…um…say 14 months. Because a good friend of mine suggested writing down things as a coping mechanism and mentioned he sometimes just makes lists of “whatever topic suits his fancy” – I thought this might be a good thing to list out. Not only does it give a quick answer to the question many have been asking me, but also acts as an emotional release for the answer.
Therefore, here goes. In the past 14 months I have:
  • Been engaged twice (same woman)
  • Married (only once to her)
  • Had two invasive surgeries
  • Had a wonderful holiday and a resplendent New Years Eve
  • Combined households
  • Loved (and still love) all the additional members of my house
  • Traveled to five states and to a foreign country twice
  • Hosted four events, attended more
  • Been as far west from east as south from north. Seattle being the west and New York City the east. Houston representing the south and Denali Park Alaska being the north
  • Flown on seventeen different airplanes
  • I have been to Texas on five different occasions, once for a neurological appointment due to my step-daughter’s genetic disorder
  • Supported my step-daughter through a major surgery (bilateral osteotomy) and recovery
  • Dealt with another matter too private to post here
  • Filed court papers to change my new wife’s custody arrangement
  • Created two homemade Halloween costumes which won awards
  • Watched “Llamas With Hats” several times
  • Adopted out a dog
  • Built a cover for my pergola
  • Bought a hot tub
  • Taken a cruise
  • Reminded my new bride she has a 13-year old step-daughter (and caught her mid-faint)
  • Been to more than a dozen counseling sessions
  • Attended many sermons at church
  • Adapted to the two-dozen new local family members from my wife's side
  • Helped my daughter cope with her grandfather’s chemotherapy
  • Took my mother-in-law to an Il Divo concert
  • Assisted another daughter recover money from a canceled trip to Europe
  • Had to recover my own canceled trip money and request a fraud investigation over the insurance agreement
  • Started an in-vitro fertilization medical procedure with my wife due to my vasectomy-reversal not being successful
  • Helped move my wife's 97-yr old grandmother, who still lives on her own and drives
  • Attended a wonderful marriage seminar to grow our healthy relationship further
  • Lost my job
  • Received countless blessings
  • And am having one of the most incredible, stable and fulfilling times I have ever had in my life!
You know...just in case you were wondering.


  1. I guess you can't respomnd to the question, "what have you been up to?" with "Nothing.." ; )

  2. Yeah - what Dana said! ;) Many blessing to your and all you love!

  3. at the end of that list, I can still feel your smile. that's what really counts.

  4. and acquired the most awesome sis-in-law and nephew! :)