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Sep 24, 2011

The Box of Chocolates

I co-coined a phrase many years ago during an online discussion/debate when I thought most people would agree with my opinion to discover not only did they not but were more interested in talking about the tangent-topic brought up in the rebuttal. I closed my part of the topic with "discussions here are always interesting but not always what I expect." Then a good friend broadened the scope by stating this observation could be generally applied to life itself.
I remind myself of this all the time - usually when I'm frustrated or angry because I didn't get what I wanted, believed I deserved, or hoped I would. I suppose my phrase is similar to that witty cliche: Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.
I now remind myself again as I'm only a few days away from being cut open for my hernia-repair surgery. I had scheduled another procedure at the same time, but it seems destiny has chosen that one won't happen at this time. While I'm pleased that the proper decisions are being made because with each choice one's course in life alters - some choices have greater navigational impact than others - it is still strange when my head gets set on a particular course that either won't be or is at least on a far different schedule than I believed only hours before. My apologies if that is cryptic, but sharing private matters while holding back details can do that.
At this time, there is nothing significant to explain, but still a great many solid ideas of my future have recently come into question - not just in the past few days, but also over this past year. With respect to my career, to my role as a parent, to my love-life, to my health, so many things have changed - and changed quickly and with very little warning.
It is good to remember that life is precious and can change in the blink of an eye. I need to remember to count my blessings and be thankful for the great things in my life - for life is but a vapor. But even as ephemeral as it is, while it subsists, that mist billows in continued variance - sometimes resulting in serious upheaval.
We believe, often tricking ourselves, that we have a set path of destiny and that we know the course before us. Career, love, companionship, legacy - for these things we plan; upon these things we count; these things we expect.
But it is not always so. And we are angry! Often not because we didn't get what we wanted but rather because we didn't see it coming. Of course, then we curse God or fate or the universe. But in reality, sometimes happenstance occurs - and it's not always serendipitous. This is an important fact to remember; one that helps me move forward in times of difficulty. And I hope sharing this thought helps another when a future oppugnant moment occurs.
So, in closing, let me say: Life is always interesting, but not always what I expect.

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  1. I said we blame God, fate or the universe. I forgot to mention Def Leppard. I have a long explanation, employing Marvel Comics superhero role-playing game to make the leap to the British Rock Band, but perhaps I should just save that one for my next post.