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Sep 15, 2011

Dear PayPal...

Here is the next chapter in my BestBuy/Paypal story. My previous post explains this in full. However, I receive nothing from BestBuy this week after explaining the circumstance to them. Well, nothing other than an automated response claiming someone would contact me within 48 hours. Of course, this has not happened. After being ignored by the giant reseller and now receiving the second NSF charge on my transaction to PayPal, I have decided anonymity of these entities is no longer warranted. Further, since everything I am stating is factual and documented by a third party, I am committing no libel by identifying my offenders.
At any rate, here is my latest correspondence; this time I have written PayPal, as they are the ones with the fiduciary responsibility to protect my money:

I have been receiving NSF charges from my bank on ACH charges to Paypal that should have been cleared and effectively zeroed out at this time. I tried to enter this in the dispute system; however, the site told me the issue had been resolved for the transactions and I could not dispute them. While culling through the details of the Paypal history, I have found the following three unique transaction ID linked to this issue: #[XXXX], #[YYYY], and #[ZZZZ].
I placed an order to BestBuy for a laptop in the amount of $•••.•• and secured the funds via Paypal. An immediate request to my bank was made to transfer the funds which were readily available at the time. When arriving at BestBuy they said the item was not available and the order would automatically cancel. Further they promised my funds would either not be drawn upon or returned at the time of cancellation.
I checked my bank account online to assure that no funds had been taken, which they had not. However, seven days later, after those funds were no longer available nor a hold remaining on them, I received a $20 NSF charge for the ACH transaction to Paypal which never took place. I noticed the order was still "In Process." I went to the BestBuy site, where the order had still not canceled, despite BestBuy's assurance I needed to take no action. I have several emails from them telling me to do nothing and stating I would not be charged.
The day after receiving the notice of the NSF, I went to the BestBuy website and manually canceled the still outstanding order, which had claimed the merchandise had now become available and wanted me to pick it up; this is where I believe the problem occurred and BestBuy may have requested a second securing of those funds.
There are now six separate line items to this transaction: three debits and three credits, all balancing to zero. However, yesterday, I received ANOTHER $20 NSF charge from my bank on this ACH transfer - for a product I never received and for a canceled transaction that nets zero dollars.
I am out $40 for using "the safe way" to make purchases on the internet, and the original order status with Paypal is still "In Progress" with a "Temporary Hold" still in place as I write this correspondence.
Please tell me how to finalize what should be an inert money transaction which has now cost me $40 for trusting the third party to protect me and a seller who continued to draw on funds for an item they could not deliver. I also believe that either BestBuy or Paypal should refund my NSF fees.
I respectfully make this demand because the legal agreement for commerce effectively ended 15 days ago when BestBuy acknowledged they could not fulfill my purchase request, despite my having to manually cancel it 10 days later, despite BestBuy telling me in writing no action was required at their original failure to deliver.

Dj Hackney

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