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Aug 23, 2013

Not By Sight

I was not able to make it to church last Sunday. Fortunately, the church places Pastor Paul's messages on YouTube, so I've been able to watch the sermon. I am thankful for this technology because this is a very powerful Biblical advice - and so important, I felt I should share.
I've shared a few details about our pastor previously, but I'd like to explain a little bit more history for anyone who has not read the updates. Pastor Paul Cunningham suffered a stroke in April 2013 (four months prior to this video). It left him without sensation on the left side of his body. Often he is unsure of where his arm or leg is in a physically position or location without visually checking. Even to this day, the sensation has not returned and not medically likely to do so.
As Paul recovered and retrained himself to walk through physical therapy, God revealed spiritual lessons along the way. He stated on his Facebook page that this sermon explains the most important lesson God showed him during this process. (Another reason why I am glad I could watch the sermon even though I was unable to attend.) Please listen and ponder what Paul explains about his recovery from the stroke and how it applies to our Christian faith.

If the embedded video does not play or has an error, it can be found on YouTube here.

I will be unable to attend again this Sunday. I'm missing for a wonderful reason, by the way: my wife and I are going on a Marriage Retreat, which we're very excited about. So, I'll be watching this upcoming Sunday's message on YouTube as well.
Not necessarily meant as a plug, but rather as an option: if you care to listen to other messages from Westmoore Community Church, you can find them or subscribe to them here.  

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