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Jan 10, 2013

Standing In My Own Sunshine

I'm writing a quick note here because yesterday's post had a little higher "read count" than average. That and a few personal message sent directly to me.
I am fine and coping with my dog issues, as well as my personal ones. I do apologize if my post yesterday concerned anyone. At times, I not only wear my heart on my sleeve but also model it on the billboard of the busiest section of the highway.
I do appreciate the advice I received, both about dogs and keeping my chin up. Further, I am very thankful to have an amazing and supportive wife, who is quick to acknowledge my doldrums - often before I admit they exist. She compassionately pulls me through my moments of melancholy, and I am fortunate to have her around.
I have to give another approbation to my friend, Dr. Russell Kolts. I reread highlighted sections of his book, Managing Your Anger, to remind myself the difference between fault and responsibility when it comes to my emotional state. It's a subtle but huge point when choosing internal responses to unproductive feelings.
Anyway, I wanted to let the small group of readers know that all is well, and apologize for my uncharacteristic post that left some troubled.

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