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Nov 22, 2012

Season of Thanks: Day 22

Today I am thankful for my inconveniences. While that may sound like an odd thing to be thankful for, hang on so that I can explain.
I have lost the ability to properly prepare; this assumes I ever had that ability. My wife is wonderful at it, but me – not so much. When stores are shut down on a Holiday such as today, I often find myself in need to run out and get something.
However, when I do find a location open – which is much easier these days, as more and more merchants stay open on Holidays – I see the workers there and oddly think of Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, when Bob Cratchit begs to have just half a day off. I realize that, more and more, we as a society expect not to be inconvenienced and to have service of others available to us at all times.
As I drive around on a Holiday morning and I see so many places open for business with many employees who will not be able to spend time with their families, I become a little sad. If I were a little more inconvenienced (or a little better prepared), then others could enjoy the relaxing time I take for granted on this Holiday.

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