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Nov 18, 2012

Season of Thanks: Day 18

So, clearly, I took a week off from counting blessings. I considered going back and making up for it with seven items I behold with gratitude. However, that somewhat would defeat the purpose of why I chose to do this posting project of thanks. The point, at least personally, is to take a moment to appreciate the important things in my life and whole-heartedly acknowledge them. To lump them altogether like a checklist just won't cut it with me; so...I will simply continue on.
In the vein of truly appreciating the important things in my life, I have to give thanks today for my wife. We have been married less than a year, so of course people will expect a gushy honeymoon perspective of me being contented. However, that's not exactly my perspective today.
My wife is tough and enduring. In the last nine months, we have weathered more than what has brought down seasoned marriages. I don't say this to boast of our tenacity or invoke sympathy, but I think it is important to list a portion, just to give perspective. We returned from our honeymoon to one child's major surgery and a week residence in the hospital. That created a schedule change in jobs which led to an agreed resignation. Meanwhile, we had to pay movers to pack and combine households because we literally did not have the time or energy. The stress of combining houses created the normal familial fuss among new members figuring out how to get along, but with our exes promoting a few additional jabs, things become awkward enough we sought the advice of a few professional counselors. One source turned out to be issues outside our home, but a serious ruckus in living arrangements. Meanwhile, I had a surgery to reverse my vasectomy, which ultimately and heartbreakingly failed. And then a full cycle of in-vitro, which did not produce a viable preganacy either. Also, I lost my job during all this, several significant deaths happened, and we recently had another child surgery.
And this is not a complete list from the last nine months. Sometimes we question the possibility of a curse.
However, as I said, this is not a woe-is-me speech, but a thanksgiving about my wife. The acknowledgement of what she has suffered over the past few months is enough to be grateful that she didn't leave me. But my gratitude is greater than that because my wife is greater than that. This is not just about enduring and surviving, but the wonderful attitude and love she brings to our circumstances every day.
As I said, my wife is tough. However, she tells me all the time how happy she is and how pleased that I am with her for this ride. And she says it every when I am part, even a major part, of the problem.
Yes, this is one grateful and lucky man!

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