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May 10, 2012

Moving At The Speed Of Life

I have so many thoughts, and so many blessings have occurred I’ve been unable to share. I want to write more blog posts, but life keeps getting in the way.
Perhaps I can use my own blog as a notepad of outlines for future things to discuss. Then maybe those who have remained loyal to reading my sparse and inconsistent statements could even vote on what I should detail when I find the time.
Top Thoughts:
• More details about our misadventures of elopement
• The adjustment to married life: the good and the out-of-practice
• My Wife: Incredible Blessing and Unfairly Outcast
• Rachel’s new boyfriend and how a seasoned dad handles this new hurdle
• Kara’s surgery and details about RETT and the trip to Houston
• A Visit from Russ (and the Price of Admission)
• Social Media and my new personal policies on FaceBook
• Home Improvements, New Purchases and how to keep it all in balance
• Reasons for Stability: A View of the Social Value of Money
• Secrets I’ve Kept Private (but am willing to announce)
• Wedding Photos, Slideshow…Better Presentation than a FB Album
• Summer Movies – and my plan to sneak away and watch them
• How Apolitical I’m Feeling Lately
• Next School Year: The Challenges
• Thoughts on lightening up, smelling roses and just laughing more
Okay, that’s my running list. Tell me what you think and what you'd like to have to discuss, explain or just plain rant about. I promise to set aside some time and post a little more often.

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