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Aug 5, 2011

Brave New World

Welcome to the new location of Knight of the Living Dad.

The blog has been moved to Blogger due to technical and philosophical differences with my previous provider. Essentially, I lost 150 MB of data over an $8 payment which arrived 4 hours late. Yes, I did receive the 10-day notice, but unfortunately I was in Alaska at the time and didn't read it until the payment was 3½ hours past due. However, the real issue was they wanted $150 to restore the backup. Keep in mind that I have been a loyal, perfectly-paid client for the past 74 months.

But alas, a policy is a policy, and the free market remains consumer driven. Thus explains the change of venue of my blog. Clearly, I don't have all the previous posts pushed into the new site at the time of this posting; however, never fear - the archives will be restored soon. Sadly, the comments from the previous site will not be able to be recovered. I doubt anyone would have cared enough about his or her past opinions on my blog to contribute to the greed fund of the unnamed web-hosting service.

Anyway, welcome and look forward to the restoration, as well as my future blogging.

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