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Feb 27, 2012

Pre-Op Consult

This week, Kristina and I will be wed. As wonderful as this event will be, as we both look forward to our lives together, there is a serious event that shadows over the moment. Kristina's daughter, now my new daughter, will have corrective surgery on her hips a few days after we return from our honeymoon. The bone of both socket joints did not develop properly and require re-shaping of the femoral neck above the trochanters. Obviously, our marriage will begin with some challenging hurdles.
Kristina, her mom and I all went to the pre-op consult. It was an amazingly long process where we met with the surgeon's P.A. and the anesthesiologist's nurse to ask questions and then answer their inquires about Kara's recent health, as well as her health history.
While the ordeal was as I said "amazingly long," it was important and eased some of the anxiety. We organized our questions, but still it is difficult to articulate the series of concerns when all one really wants to hear is "everything will be fine."
Honestly the reassurances fall short. Thousands of neuro-chemicals scream panic in one's brain. Fear cannot be totally beaten back by their encouraging words, but still we hang on to the expertise of the medical staff. And we have faith. Thus, courage takes hold; we stay strong and cling to the optimism.
The odds are great and the prospect for the future is quite exciting. Kristina was somewhat relieved after the consult. Still, I know she is hurting in a way I cannot fully comprehend. Her motherly love is an unclear mixture of fear and protective instinct. As much as I love both Kristina and Kara, I have no magic wand to wish away any of the suffering.
So, I ask you to say prayers for Kara's health. Please ask for a blessing upon the surgeon's skill. Also request that God give Kristina a sense of peace through out this difficult time. And finally, please whisper an appeal to the Almighty that I have the wisdom to respond as needed as well.
I believe in providence. I trust that all things work towards good for those who have faith. It is on these values that I stand, and it is from God's grace that I will draw strength. But at the end of the day, this is not about me, my courage or what I may have done. This is about a little girl, seeking what is in her best interest, and making her quality of life improved.
Most of this post is mirrored at the Caring Bridge website we set up for Kara. We plan to keep updates on Kara's surgery and recovery there, and I may not post every update here on my blog. Feel free to visit the site, sign the guestbook, leave an encourage word and follow the progress of this brave young girl.

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  1. I'm glad a friend reminded me about the blog, i will definitely be praying for Kara, even though i'm late. And congratulations on the wedding!

    I don't know what it like to have a child who has suffered through terrible health challenges, but i have watched parents who do - mine - and while especially my Mom has been a tower of strength, i know she suffers too. We wonder why bad things happen to good people, etc. But her fave verse when i was little that she repeated to me and my bro over & over as we struggled together with another difficulty is close to what you said above. Romans 8:28 - "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose". I know this doesn't mean sunshine and lollipops, but it does mean we are always watched over, loved, and "the good" will come - not always how we recognize it at the time, but it will. Grace and peace to you guys & i'll see you at CB. That's a neat web site. <3