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Jul 24, 2016

The Gravity of God

Today I was reminded of one of my beliefs. Christians, Jews and Theists in general not only believe in the existence of God, but also believe this Supreme Being has a constant set of characteristic and attributes. He is what defines morality, goodness, and truth. Such things are universal and do not change.
This almost instantly reminded me of the laws of physics. Specifically, I thought of gravity. Do we ever fear suddenly floating off the ground, that something thrown won't come down or that the Moon will crash into the Earth because gravity changes its mind? Of course not. Most would say those notions are silly. Why? Because gravity is real and constant.

Jun 19, 2016

Hulk Is A SuperVillain

Growing up, I read comic books. In those stories was the Hulk, a giant green mass of unearthly strength. I also watched the TV story of the same with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. I really enjoyed the narrative, but as I've grown older, I have considered this tale a bit differently.